6 Android-Applications For Workouts With Music

Numerous scientific studies have shown that music has a great influence on the results of athletes. Especially if it is specially selected one and corresponds to the type of physical activity. In this article, we would like to show you a number of programs for modern Samsung Galaxy phones or basically for any modern Android device offering some good music for running, cycling, fitness and strength training.

FIT Radio

This is a fitness app that selects energetic music specifically for trainings in non-stop mode. The developers say that the application already has thousands of mixes for doing sports and their number increases every day. For your convenience, all the tracks are divided by genre, duration, and bit rate, therefore, you can always choose something worthwhile specifically for your workout.

Best Workout Music 2016

In this app, you will find playlists that are ideal for aerobics, fitness, jogging, walking, weightlifting, CrossFit. The app design, unfortunately, is far from perfect, but the app itself is completely free and allows you to download songs for offline listening.


RockMyRun – one of the most popular apps in this category. It appeared a long time ago but has already managed to acquire a vast music catalog containing specially made DJ sets. One can safely say that, whatever style of music you are addicted to or whatever sports you are into, you will find something to listen to. Moreover, you will be able to download those songs to your device. The only limit is the duration of a playlist, which can not exceed 30 minutes in the free version of the app.

GYM Radio Workout Music

This app is just a radio, i.e. it has no playlists, no self-selection of songs. However, the music that is broadcast is really good: it is pure adrenaline that makes you set personal records. The free version of the app has the ability to switch between three audio streams – Cardio, GYM, Hardcore, which will be useful when it comes to cyclic, power and extreme sports respectively.

Spotify Music

This application is known to many, however only a few people know that the app now features a special section for sportsmen. In it, you can find specially created playlists for different sports that will adapt to the pace of your movements.


Unlike the other apps in this article, RecordBeater does not offer you new music, but it uses that, which already exists on your device. However, it does so in an artful way. First, the app scans the music catalog and analyzes the bitrate of the compositions. This is to ensure that during treadmill workouts, the app could play precisely those songs that match your current pace. In addition, the program can count distance, mark your track on the map and record other important indicators of your training.

So this is our TOP 6 apps list to improve your workout experience with music. In case you are looking for a new device to listen to your music with, we recommend you check out some Samsung phone prices.


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