Do’S And Don’ts Of Mobile Screen Repairs

We’ve all been there where we’ve dropped our phone and that devastating moment hits you – Your screen is cracked. The phone works fine for a while until the crack just gets bigger and bigger, then you know you need to replace that screen.

There are various places you can go to do this: You can go to the mini mobile shop on the high street, the local mobile retail store, take it to the manufacturer, or even repair it yourself.

This post is going to be about the do’s and dont’s when it comes to repairing your mobile phone screen.

Do: Repair your mobile screen

Regardless of what option you choose to go forward with, if you have a damaged phone screen by all means don’t just leave it to get worse, make sure you at least get a temporary fix.

A cracked screen left unfixed could lead to the crack widening and leading to potential injury (worst case), but other than that, a cracked screen could leave your phone more prone to water damage also, making the problem now beyond just a screen problem.

Ensure you do repair your phone once it becomes damaged, to avoid the problem worsening itself.

Don’t: Succumb to the overly cheap option

Don’t do it, I did it myself, I had a cracked iPhone 4s screen and took it to a budget phone repair store and got it replaced for £30. Mind you that was a bit too cheap for a mobile screen replacement, so I was skeptical at first. I then took my phone once ‘repaired’ and the touchscreen stopped responding.

I noticed also the texture of the phone screen was different too, must have been a plastic screen instead of the high quality glass that your phone has by default.

I took it back and they replaced the screen (again, with another plastic one) but then the home button was loose. At the very least the phone worked, for another three months, until I got it replaced. My point being, overly cheap mobile phone repair services may not do a fantastic job.

Instead, ensure you choose professional mobile repair specialists (e.g. ) who work within this area all day and are more qualified to do so, you don’t always have to break the bank, just ensure if you repair your screen you are getting a glass screen replacement, not plastic.

Manufacturer and manufacturer accredited phone repairs

There are various good quality phone repair centres, the best of which are recognised as manufacturer accredited repair centres, basically giving a heads up that you would be receiving the service you are expecting, guaranteeing your value for money.

The only issue with these centres, along with manufacturer repair centres, e.g. the Apple store, is that they are usually expensive, and if you have a tighter budget, you may not want to repair your phone there.

So if you want guaranteed quality you can be assured with the manufacturer accredited phone repair centres as they have been certified to be performing the service that you are paying for, with all the quality parts needed to do so.

In Summary

Overall, you need to ensure when your phone screen does get damaged, you get it repaired, and not for too cheap.

You need to remember if you have a later model of smartphone you shouldn’t be expecting to find deals for repairing the screens any lower than £80, unless it’s a friend.

Always analyse the situation and make sure you get the service for the price you pay, but overall the main do of mobile screen repairs, is to get it done, as the problems you can face beyond the cracked screen isn’t worth the hassle.


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