Having Problem Troubleshooting Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft recently rolled out its new and upgraded Windows 10 OS. Due to some of the features with the new version this technology giant is once again in limelight so far as the world of technology is concerned. With the new Windows OS came the new Internet Explorer 10. For using Internet Explorer 10 Windows 10 isn’t must, one can also download and run the same on Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS. Every browser has its own issue, and Internet Explorer isn’t an exception to that. Issues in IE 10 are not only due to Microsoft, but this may result from bugs, virus or any other unknown application installed on the system. There can be various problems with Internet Explorer 10, and as such there are several methods to rectify such issues. Here are some of the steps that can help one to get rid of these issues easily.

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Step 1

If you’re using Windows 8, then you are required to open a command prompt in admin mode. For making command prompt with admin rights handy, you can also pin it up on the taskbar or start menu. In the Windows 8 OS, there is a feature called charm which you can open using Windows key on your keyboard. After opening charm, you will find a search bar, click on the search bar and input ‘cmd’. You will see a drop down showing name ‘command prompt’. Hover your cursor on the ‘command prompt’ and right click your mouse button. In the options menu, select ‘Run as administrator’. When the command prompt opens, type ‘SFC/Scan now’ and hit enter. With the scan procedure initiated all the files which are missing some data will be fixed. After the completion of above procedure exit command prompt. Open the Internet Explorer, and you will be able to surf finely. You can see the improved performance of the system at this stage also.

Step 2

Receiving and installing the regular Windows update will keep your IE 10 away from issues. If you don’t have latest IE 10, check Windows update and install it from there. You can find Windows update in the manner explained here. Go to the home screen and press Windows+C keys together. Windows Charm will open. You will see a search icon right at the top, click on it. If you’re using Windows 7, click on Start button and then click on All Programs. You will find an option ‘Windows Update’. From the Windows update, download IE 10 updates. Make sure all the updates are installed. Do not forget to open the installer with admin rights.

Step 3

Your Internet Explorer 10 issue might be due to Adobe Flash Player. You can install the latest version of Adobe Flash and the issue will be resolved. Users have reported that IE 10 works fine with the latest Adobe Flash Player updates. For downloading the latest update of Adobe Flash Player, visit the official Adobe website and download flash player latest version. Make sure you open the installer with admin rights.


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