How To Buy The Best Quality All-In-One Printer?

Printing technology has brought a great revolution. People now prefer the printed material than the handwritten documents. Various companies engaged in stationery and electronic items make available suitable printers including the All-in-one pieces. Let it be your requirement for individual needs, small office or for the corporate sector; printer should be purchased from a solid and prominent Printing Company.

Following tips go a long way in selecting the most suitable printer:

  1. Speed – You should look for the printing speed of approx ten color pages and twenty black/white pages per minute when you intend to purchase an all-in-one printer. Likewise twenty five pages per minute in terms of copying is the standard speed that must be ensured before bringing home the printer.
  2. Quality – The print quality of 600 x 600 and 1200 x 1200 dots per inch in respect of black & white and color printing respectively is considered as the desired worth of an all-in-one printer.
  3. Laser vs. Inkjet and ink-replacement costs –Ideally, the printers with laser toner cartridges are preferred than the ones with inkjet ones. As such, one should procure the former one that is advantageous in many ways. Ink-replacement costs should also be taken into account before purchasing any printer.
  4. Number of pages – The duty cycle of the printer must be checked. Usually the ones with a capacity of approx twenty five thousand pages per month is good for offices while the printer with a capacity of five thousand pages suits the home computer rooms.
  5. Scanner Quality, copied document sizing and faxing facility –Printers equipped with scanners facilitating high quality images capturing a resolution of 1200 x 600 are good for high-quality reproductions. Scanner resolutions of 4800 x 4800 are excellent. All-in-one printers with Optical Character Recognition are popular nowadays. Copying features of such printers depend on their scanner capabilities. Shrinking or enlarging the copied image in coordination with the scanner table should also be considered with great thought. All-in-one printers with fax facilities may also be ideal for purchase from a reputed Print Company. Fax page memory facility may also be got installed in the printer. It helps to store the relevant data without maintaining any manual record.
  6. Document Feeder – This additional facility goes a long way in eliminating the manual placement of each fax page. This automatic document feeder helps in speeding up the entire process.
  7. Wi-Fi or Network Connectivity – Printers with this additional facility work well in the residential and business houses. Multifunction printers with WPS set up make the relevant tasks quite easy. The built-in network in the absence of wireless ones is also much useful.
  8. Memory Card facility –The card slot(s) must fall in line with the memory card(s). As the memory card specifications vary, one should be careful to select the most viable and suitable pieces as regards purchasing the all-in-one printer from Printing Company.

Genuinely priced and quality all-in-one printers can be purchased through eBay. Quotes from different companies may be sought and final decision should be taken after ascertaining their credentials.


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