How To Create A Screencast Video Tutorial With Movavi Screen Capture

Movavi Screen Capture is suitable for recording a screencast to outlines the errors that you face in a software to the developer. You can upload the video to a video sharing site or forum to get attention from the developer to fix the bug issues in the software. If you are the software developer, you can create a screencast to show your customers how to fix the bug issues on their own. You want to create the tutorial video as clear as possible so that your customer has no problem in implementing the instructions on their own.

There are several ways to resize the recording frame in Movavi Screen Capture . you must click the select button and click the window of the open program to make the frame exactly the same size. It is also possible to resize the frame by dragging the corner but your hand may not be able to control the mouse properly which results in the frame unable to fit the exact size of the open program. The most widely used resolution presets can be found in the drop down menu.

Beginning the recording session is as easy as hitting the orange record button. You get a 5 seconds countdown to do some mental preparation on how to go about the screen recording so that you know what to do when the screen recording session actually start. If you want to record a podcast, you not only must make sure your microphone is connected to the computer but also activate the microphone input option.

If you see a green tick over the microphone option on the control panel, it means it has successfully detect your microphone and your voice input in the microphone will be captured during the recording session. By default, the mouse cursor is not highlighted. You can add a highlight effect to your cursor via the mouse cursor configuration dialog box.

When the highlight cursor effect is enabled, there will be a bright radiating circle effect appearing over the mouse cursor head. Highlighting the mouse cursor is a great option if you are pointing out steps on how to solve the bug issues that exist in a software. You can polish up your tutorial video by adding a simple mouse click sound effect.

To create a professional looking screencast, you have to delete all the errors that you accidentally make during the recording. There is a video editor that you can access by clicking on the Edit button after the recording is stopped. Your screencast will automatically loaded into the video editor and you can play back it to see what mistakes that you make during the recording. The scissor tool can clip and remove parts in the screencast video that look unprofessional.

If you record the screencast without any sound in the background, you can just drag the background music in the timeline. There are a lot of interesting filters that can help you to create a stunning video. You can add some text to clarify your voiceover instruction if you don’t want your audience to miss any point in the tutorial screencast.


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