Understanding Real Time Bidding Process And Tips For Increasing Adsence CTR

Real time bidding(RTB) is predicted to be the future of online advertising. The industry has experienced an incredible development in this field in a very short span of time and several advertisers have been spending thousands of dollars daily on digital advertising owing to its long list of benefits. It is expected that the overall digital advertising trend can get even more popular and one can safely project real time bidding as one amongst the most crucial technologies to help firms achieve their goal.

What is RTB?

RTB refers to a technology that lets online advertising to be bought and served on the go. Here, advertisers don’t reserve prepaid ad space, but rather bid on individual ad impression when it is served. The highest bidder wins the impression and gets his ad to be featured on the page. It’s something like a stock market- when stocks (online ad spaces) are out for sale, agents (advertisers) bid for them and the individual who bids the highest wins that particular stock (the advertisement is featured. And, the process begins all over once again. Read on to understand the real time bidding process in simple terms.

How Does It Work?

The publisher gives its inventory to an advertising exchange, which is liable for conducting an auction. During this, the Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) that automate the process of purchasing online advertising on the advertiser’s behalf will bid on every impression. The bid’s value depends on the value of the specific impression and is determined by the DSP parameters by the advertiser. The process of bidding makes sure that every impression is traded at the highest price, as stated by the demand in the real time market. After the bidding is finished, the winner is selected and the advertisement is featured on the website of the winning publisher.

Increasing the AdSense CTR

Having understood the process of real time bidding, it is now time to shift our focus to increasing AdSense CTR (Click Through Rate). CTR is a very important aspect in the field of online marketing, especially for the publishers and advertisers. It has a very crucial role in retaining the advertisers and generating more money.

5 Crucial Tips to Boost CTR

Realizing the importance of AdSense CTR, it is important to know how to increase this rating. Here are few tips that can help in increasing AdSense CTR.

  • Make some changes to the types and placements of your ads as this can help in enhancing CTR. Before that, ensure that you have used an ad unit (usually of size 468*60) to the top header of your website since the visitor’s focus always is on the header.
  • Research and pick the right keywords in order to get visitors to your blog using Google Webmaster tools. Keep hitting the keywords that have high CPC too.
  • Get rid of unnecessary ads, which have very low CTR. Once your blog is organized properly by removing unwanted ads, there will be no wastage of clicks.
  • The best way to increase CTR is by writing killer content as this can get more visitors to your site and increase revenues.
  • Changing your 250 x 250 side-bar ad slot to 300 x 250 or larger format can be a good idea too.

By following these tips, you can soon increase AdSense CTR and boost up your revenues effortlessly.


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