Unique Look Of Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S8 was the development of design ideas from Galaxy S6 edge and S7 edge, but also absorbed the best features of Note7: metal frame around the perimeter, the standard arrangement of all controls, front and rear glass is curved closer to the ends, the bending is symmetrical. In Galaxy S9, Samsung has given it a unique look with larger display devoid of physical Home button. S9 has a shiny, smooth, and neat surface with a glass body. The black version of the device S8 offers almost perfect hit in color and metal, and glass substrate, even when the same effect gloss cursory acquaintance. Galaxy S9 will launch next year with dashing colours- Midnight Black, Orchid Grey, Arctic Silver, Coral blue, and Maple Gold.

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The device looks impressive, also on the front panel does not have the manufacturer’s logo – it just makes the smartphone a more pleasant for aesthetes, and makes it clear that the manufacturer has found the design that consumers can safely learn and no nameplate. Samsung assigned S8 a very good dimension of 148.9 × 68.1 × 8.0 mm after having a lot of calculations just to provide the user a larger display area. Body weight is 155 g. If we talk about Galaxy S9, it will hit the market next year and is completely ready to compete with many phones like Apple, Sony, LG, etc. Phone body is 5.6” as per the rumours, but can strongly increase further. Body strength of S9 is so good that it will not get damaged if somehow fell has a slimmer body with larger display.

Operating System: Galaxy S8 has Android 7.0 Nougat, perform a rapid speed. Galaxy S9 will have a higher version. The highly running capability of the phone is greatly influenced by presence of Octa-Core Processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset-842 units and Adreno GPU, Exynos-8895 with matrix ARM Cortex-A73 and M2.

Samsung, after getting complaints about some faults in S7 Edge design, improved the design and applied in S8. People are now happier with the new design of S8.

The new generation of Samsung’s flagship S8 smartphone for the first time only exists in a version with curved display, raising concerns about usability among people who complained about the false depression in S7 edge. New offered less radical bend that not only almost completely eliminated the erroneous operation, but also to make the device more convenient. Galaxy S9, with its tremendous display design, outstanding body dimensions, will make it work for the users to get their sort of display. Samsung manufacturers are doing their best in crafting the display in such a manner which would be heart-winning, stunning and providing a great surface area to the user which would also comfortable in holding the phone.

Also, In Samsung Galaxy S9, the brightness levels are excellent, and almost off the backlight minimum and maximum of the most powerful, in which even the strong sun is not able to distort the image.


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